About Us

I can tell you about how it all started

LAR: In Roman mythology, a tutelary deity or spirit of an ancient Roman household.

&LAR is a project where we try to maintain the knitted chair tradition from Colombian towns alive, but with new designs. It all started when we (Alexandra Larsen and Ramón Laserna) found a couple of metal chair structures abandoned in a town near Bogota. Decided to knit them our way with our own designs, experimenting with different materials, apart from the ones originally used. We work with original old “vintage” metal structures, on one hand, and on the other, we design new metal structures to be knitted. Not only chairs, but benches, tables, screens, folding screens. The idea is not only to work with the object, but also projects, spaces.


Alexandra Lasern

Interior designer

Alexandra studied photography. She now dedicates some of her time to interior design. Color being main inspiration.

Ramon Laserna

Industrial designer

Ramón studied industrial design, but became a visual artist. Works with photography and drawing and sculpture, where the line acts as an essential means in his work.